Back up growing companies with great power

It is said that the Japanese economy is improving, such as the rebuilding project of the disaster area and the Tokyo Olympic Games and the accompanying rise in the Nikkei Stock Average, which is expected to continue expanding in the future.

However, the economic effect is not as good as it seems like a business environment that big companies are benefiting from it and there is not much impact on small and medium enterprises, and not only infrastructure and cost reduction are forced.

In order to support such growth of small and medium enterprises from the aspect and to be able to concentrate more on stable management so that mutual aid with our partners and partner companies can provide their existence value as a strong corporate group We continue our activities.

International Cooperative Technology Improvement Project Cooperative Association offers joint order and purchase business to small and medium enterprises. If there are new business, service, goods etc. that we would like to disseminate with our union and our members, please do not hesitate to call out